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Air BP
Ambersil - Silcoset
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PSM-5 TAM Panel
PSM-5 TAM Panel

Curatenie la interior
Curatenie la interior

Lubrifianti - Air BP
Lubrifianti - Air BP

Lampa UV ingusta 8W
Lampa UV ingusta 8W

Benzi cu fata dubla
Benzi cu fata dubla

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Etansant Interior Cabina

PR 1425 B 1/2 NA MEP 09-037/A CL B1/2
PR 1425 B 2 NA MEP 09-037/A CL B2
PR 1428 A 1/2 MIL-S-8784B CLASSE A 1/2
PR 1428 A 2 MIL-S-8784B CLASSE A 2
PR 1428 B 1/2 MIL-S-8784B CLASSE B1/2
PR 1428 B 2 BMS 5-37D; MIL-S-8784B CLASSE B2
PR 1432 G P; AIT65316 TYPE IV; BMS 5-95K F1 TYPE I
PR 1436 G A 1/2NA; AIT65316 TYPE I-1/2; ASNA4165/D - A1/2; TH 5.951/1/11-A1/2; WL 5.5961.1/12.88
PR 1436 G A 2 NA; AIT65316 TYPE I-2; ASNA4165/D - A2; TH 5.951/1/11-A2; WL 5.5961.2/12.88
PR 1436 G B 1/2NA; AIT65316 TYPE II-1/2; ASNA4165/D - B1/2; TH 5.951/2/11-B1/2; WL 5.5962.1/04.93
PR 1436 G B 2 NA; AIT65316 TYPE II-2; ASNA4165/D - B2; LAC C-40-1279; MIL-S-81733C TYPE II-2; TH 5.951/2/11-B2; WL 5.5962.2/04.93
PR 1436 G S; ASNA4156/D - S; MIL-S-81733C TYPE III-1; TH 5.951/3/11
PR 1445 B 4 STD 179114-02
PR 1771 B 1/2 AIMS04-05-001; AIMS04-05-004
PR 1771 B 2 AIMS04-05-001; AIMS04-05-004
PR 1771 B 2 ASNB71132-01
PR 1771 B 4 AIMS04-05-001; AIMS04-05-004
PR 1773 A 2 AIMS04-05-006; ASNA4168/A - A2; TH 5.947/4/14-A2
PR 1773 B 2 AIMS04-05-006; TH 5.947/4/14-B2
PR 1827 R 1/6 75-T-2-5203-1-1/05.92
PS 870 A 1/2 MIL-PRF-81733D
PS 870 A 2 STM 40-111F CLASSE A 2; MIL-PRF-81733D
PS 870 B 1/2 BMS 5-95K TYPE I CL B 1/2; MIL-PRF-81733D
PS 870 B 2 BMS 5-95K TYPE I CL B 2; STM 40-111F CLASSE B 2
PS 870 B 2 MIL-PRF-81733D
PS 870 B 4 MIL-PRF-81733D
PS 870 C 12/20 BMS 5-95K TYPE I CL C-20; MIL-PRF-81733D
PS 870 C 24/80 BMS 5-95K TYPE I CL C-80; MIL-PRF-81733D
PS 870 C 48/168 BMS 5-95K TYPE I CL C-168; MIL-PRF-81733D
PS 870 C 96/336 BMS 5-95K TYPE I CL C-336